PARTIDA was founded in 1923 by Fernando Partida Palma who became a Transit Commissioner in the Port of Algeciras. At present, they continue providing services related to Customs Clearance. Álvaro Partida is the Commercial and Marketing Director.

Which services do you offer to your customers?

As time goes by, we´ve specialized in Customs Clearance processing, meaning, we do the Goods Customs Clearance on import, export and transit commercial activities. Besides, we provide logistics support services such as transshipment of goods (from the container to the truck), warehouse, transportation, sanitary inspections and international trade consultancy.

What are the advantages of partnering up with PARTIDA when it comes to Customs processing?

PARTIDA holds the AEO Certification, which makes us a trustworthy Logistics Operator before the Customs Institutions and also making the dispatch process faster and having to go through less controls by the Customs Administration.

Is the container transit increasing between South America and Algeciras? has the tropical goods rise anything to do with it?

Pretty much so, the traffic continues increasing because of the high quality of these products and essentially, due to the establishment of direct maritime lines, with weekly frequent, to Algeciras from the main South American ports. The transit times are truly unbeatable, from Costa Rica is 23 days and from Brazil, 7 days.