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We are customs agents and logistic advisers for renowned clothing brands

The logistic handling of the textile industry is composed of operations requiring accuracy and detail. This is why at Partida we offer a 360-degree logistic service that goes far beyond managing the transportation and distribution of the goods in Europe, Asia or America by effectively ensuring full coverage of the logistic chain.

We offer you the following textile-related services:

  • Receipt, storage and redistribution of goods.
  • Labelling, clothes-hanging and sorting, palletising – that is, a wide range of pre-sale services.
  • Customs clearance, professional advice and documentary checks.

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Partida Logistics is committed to the latest technologies as a differential value with regard to other companies in the same sector

How to know if textile logistics is working?


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We believe that a professional-client good rapport is essential, and that using the aid of technologies, fundamental these days, helps us offer real-time information to our clients about where their goods are. The client can use an application in order to follow the movements of their goods and, specifically, the customs proceedings. This is what we call a Tracking System.

Similarly, we have the support of the best and latest technologies for our administrative, financial and commercial tasks, which ensures the promptness and quality of our services from all our departments.

We are experts on the following subjects:

Fruit and vegetable

Frozen and fresh


Safe transportation
of live animals




We can also do for you:

Advice and training

The Customs Representative plays an essential part in the carrying out of commercial transactions at a global level, since their main task is to facilitate the import and export of goods subject to customs inspections, and to apply trade policy measures.


The port of Algeciras offers the advantage of a wide range of shipping routes running weekly to over 200 ports involving 76 countries around the world. The transit timing of these routes are the quickest for our clients thanks to our experience and lifelong, good rapport with the parties involved in the customs proceedings.

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