A few days ago, the news came to light that the Port of Motril has managed to reopen the shipping line with the port of Tanger-Med, Morocco. The Balearia shipping company is providing this service with the Volcán vessel, with a capacity for 1,100 cargo lines. Currently, it is available for the transport of goods, however, it will soon also offer the service for passengers.

Resumption of the Tangier Med – Port of Motril maritime line

This connection route by sea was launched on November 30, after a long wait due to the coronavirus pandemic. This maritime route offers numerous advantages because it becomes another entry and exit gate for merchandise traffic. In addition, the port of Motril is characterized by a very positive trade balance, in fact, exports already account for 42% of its transactions.

The president of the Motril Port Authority, José García Fuentes, has expressed the great work carried out to resume this line before the end of the year. This trade route with North Africa is of great economic interest and expands the number of opportunities for carriers, importers and exporters.

In this sense, it is the second Balearia route in this Andalusian port. The Director of Cargo of this company, Maximiliano Bermejo, has highlighted that the connection serves to expand the supply of goods transport between the Strait and the Alboran Sea. Therefore, the new line will try to establish itself and guarantee the quality of the transport service.

Two years of waiting for the launch of this shipping line

Motril is characterized for being a commercial port, as well as a fishing and sports port, with direct accessibility due to good road communications. However, the coronavirus pandemic has been the cause of this stoppage, which has led to delaying the activation of this line. This initiative joins other similar actions that have been launched in recent years.

Maritime transport continues to be one of the fundamental pillars for many companies, especially when it comes to large volumes of cargo. Therefore, this commercial port, located in Granada, plays a key role due to its infrastructures and magnificent geographical location. The management is in the hands of the Port Authority of Motril and it is considered a port of General Interest of the State.

The advantages of operating with Tanger Med

Currently, the Tanger Med port enclave covers 1,000 hectares and is divided into two terminals and the passenger port, with shipping docks, control areas and the maritime station. In addition, this logistics hub connects with 186 ports in the world and can manage nine million containers and seven million passengers.

Motril, reference port for Spain and the center of Europe.

The reactivation of the maritime line with North Africa is a boost for the transport of goods. The lifting of the restrictions due to the coronavirus, both by our country and Morocco, is a boost for connectivity by sea. The idea is that Motril continues to be a reference port, not only for Spain, but also for central Europe.

In short, this news is very favorable, so our company reopens its office in Granada with two people to meet the needs of customers. In case of doubts, we are here to offer the best advice and provide effective solutions for maritime transport.