Customs and logistic services focused on the renewable energy industry

We take care of everything regarding the transportation of parts and machinery for the renewable energy industry

Renewable energy-related products are generally bulky so, in order to minimise a cumbersome transportation, specific means of transport and machinery have been devised in order to facilitate their movement.

A door-to-door transportation is normally carried out, which means the products are collected at the factory and directly delivered at their destination. Throughout this process, the goods go through warehouses and customs offices, both of which must be ready to handle them, considering their large size.

At Partida Logistics we are logistic operators and specialised customs agents for renewable energies. We can provide you with the required technology to load, unload and store you products.

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Renewable energy industry and logistics

Given the bulky nature and quantity of these parts and machinery used for the implementation and maintenance of renewable energy production sites, transportation by sea is the main means for their import and export.

At Partida Logistics we have the invaluable help of our team working in two of the most important ports in the country: Algeciras and Motril.

Our colleagues based at the border inspection point, manage and simplify the required operations for their import.

Peculiarities of renewable energy logistics

The transport of renewable energy is one of the services with the most growing demand worldwide in recent years. Spain is one of the few countries considered as international producers of components and materials necessary for the installation of renewable energy. At PARTIDA, we have specialized in renewable energy logistics over the last few years, either by sea (due to the high volume and mass of the cargo), or by land (to gather all the components when they come from multiple suppliers and make a single shipment, greatly reducing costs).

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Customs and logistic services

We are a human team of over 100 people working in our office in Algeciras, at the border inspection point (PIF) and in our branch at the port of Motril, to ensure the application of all the customs and logistic operations needed for the import and export of goods through containers and lorries.

Import/Export of containers

The port of Algeciras offers the advantage of a wide range of shipping routes running weekly to over 200 ports involving 76 countries around the world. The transit timing of these routes are the quickest for our clients thanks to our experience and lifelong, good rapport with the parties involved in the customs proceedings.

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