PARTIDA, the leading Customs Agency and Logistics Operator in Southern Europe, is committed to improving the efficiency and operability of its customs and logistics activities. For this it has the software solution for customs and freight forwarders _b firstfrom bytemaster

Customs software for total control of information

Last October, PARTIDA has taken an important step towards the digitalization of its operations by contracting the technological platform in the cloud_b first. From Puerto Bahía de Algeciras, it will thus control the traffic of its clients’ goods, specifically, customs procedures. Similarly, the administration, financial and commercial activities will also take an evolutionary turn, streamlining the tasks for the entire staff. Finally, the main objective of PARTIDA in the field of Business Intelligence is to manage in the most efficient and effective way all your flow of goods.

Technologies, protagonists in today’s logistics

PARTIDA’s technological commitment is motivated by leading the southern European logistics market. In this way, it uses the agility of the software _b firstin the internal operations and for the accessibility of the client. Álvaro Partida, Commercial and Communication Director at PARTIDA explains. “We are faithful to a line of work, in a “peculiar” port. Bytemaster has the tool we need to make a leap in quality, be transparent and consolidate the trust of our customers.

“The main asset of PARTIDA, is the customs knowledge of its team (in import, export and transit regimes) and in the management of the traffic of goods transported via truck and container. For this reason, we have a duty to seek collaborations with experts, in this case, technology partners, who have the best tools on the market,” explains Alvaro.

The PARTIDA digitization project

PARTIDA’s priority objective is to improve service delivery through a dynamic and homogeneous organization. With the collaboration of bytemaster, PARTIDA enhances the control of customs clearance and integral logistic solutions, adding an appreciated value.

“Today, seeing how the logistics industry and large operators are advancing, we knew that the time had come to invest in technology. There are several fronts we wanted to tackle; contact with the Tax Agency, cyber security, cloud services and an application that is constantly being updated to respond digitally to new customs management regulations,” says Álvaro.

PARTIDA begins the year 2020 with a digital transformation project. Through it, it aims to train its human capital in digital technologies, redefine internal processes and renew the spirit and mentality of the way of working. In this digital renovation project, PARTIDA searched the market for ERP solutions for logistics operators, _b firstchoosing bytemaster

The team will see an improvement

The implementation of will _b firstmean an improvement in the way operations are carried out in PARTIDA. As Álvaro explains, “we are going to make a significant technological leap compared to other solutions on the market”. Alvaro also comments that the choice of bytemaster is given by “the treatment of the bytemaster and the references of the leading companies in the sector that work with them”. Alvaro highlights the optimism within the organization for change. “We’re very excited. This is an important and necessary decision for the future for everyone. It’s going to change the way we work in different departments. And, from the customers’ point of view, we know that they appreciate PARTIDA’s constant willingness to improve.

The harmony of the relationship with PARTIDA stands out. He underlines his conviction that the project will allow PARTIDA to play an increasingly relevant role in the logistics chain of its customers. “When an organization considers a digital change in a strategic way and considering all its human team, the digital transformation project becomes a success”.

About Partida

Founded in 1923 as a Transit Commissioner to manage shipments of goods to Tangier and Ceuta. At the age of 96, PARTIDA has established itself as the leading customs agency in Southern Europe. PARTIDA is a specialist in customs clearance and coordination of logistics services for goods transported by truck and container to countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Algeciras is a geographical enclave in constant growth. In this way, it is the leading port in the Spanish port system and the Top 5 in the European Union. In this enclave, PARTIDA has known how to adapt its structure and means to the continuous growth of the volume of goods, without losing the agility of the service. The team consists of 120 people working in morning, afternoon and night shifts, 365 days a year. PARTIDA has invested in human capital, through internal training and technological investment. “We will be able to have a single tool where internally and for the client. We’ll _b firstget more control and better communication.

About Bytemaster

Bytemaster is the reference technological partner for the Spanish transport and logistics sector. Since 1994, Bytemaster has been actively working on the digital transformation of the sector. It allows your customers to control the flow of information and gain competitiveness in this new digital environment. Our ERP, _b firstThe Customs and Excise Department, is the most powerful management tool for customs, freight forwarders and logistics operators on the market. The tool is a pioneer in its cloud format. Today it is used by important freight forwarders with global presence. _b first allows to gain productivity and traceability of operations. In addition, it provides full visibility of information for intelligent decision making. Bytemaster complements its offer with a series of communications services and systems that ensure the flow of information for its customers.