Partida as a link between Spain and Morocco

Experts on customs operations between two continents

Algeciras and its port are the natural bridge to Africa. Thanks to the good rapport between Spain and Morocco and the regular (daily) movement of goods Tanger Med/Algeciras/Tanger Med via ferries and ro-ro transport, this logistic duo is crucial for a speedy exchange between the two continents.

Morocco exports mainly fruit and vegetable produce, fish and shellfish, and clothing. Among others, live animals, textile, shoes and dangerous goods are exported from Europe.

PARTIDA was established in 1923 in Algeciras as a transit commission agency and managed and carried out shipments of goods to Tangier and Ceuta. After so many years working with our neighbouring country, we have grown as experts on taking care of customs operations, and multiple Moroccan and Spanish exporting companies have us as their trusted customs representatives.

At present, PARTIDA releases goods on a daily basis through the ports of Algeciras and Motril.

exportar a marruecos

We offer the following services:

  • icono-listaImport customs clearance
  • icono-listaExport customs clearance
  • icono-listaT1 Transit
  • icono-listaProfessional advice
  • icono-listaT2L
  • icono-listaBorder inspection services
    • » Health
    • » Phytosanitary
    • » Pharmacy
    • » Soivre
    • » Animal health

We advise on the regulations of:

  • icono-listaVAT/Tariffs
  • icono-listaOriginal documents
  • icono-listaPackaging
  • icono-listaLabelling
  • icono-listaPalletising

“Nowadays, at PARTIDA we release goods in the ports of Algeciras, Motril, Almería, Huelva, Seville, Valencia, Vigo and Vitoria.”

We are experts on the following subjects:

Fruit and vegetable

Frozen and
fresh products


Safe transportation
of live animals




In addition to customs procedures with Morocco, we can help you with:


From the 1st of January 2021, the United Kingdom will no longer be involved in the European Customs Union.

The UK will operate as a sovereign state with an external border. Therefore, controls on the movement of goods between the UK and the EU will be implemented.

Fruit Logistics

From our office in Algeciras, we can process the customs procedures and logistical support necessary to dispatch, in numerous ports and PIFs in Spain such as Motril, Valencia, Vigo, Seville, Almería, Huelva, Burgos, Irún and Vitoria.


The logistic handling of the textile industry is composed of operations requiring accuracy and detail. This is why at Partida we offer a 360-degree logistic service that goes far beyond managing the transportation and distribution of the goods in Europe, Asia or America by effectively ensuring full coverage of the logistic chain.

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