Through Spain, by sea, almost 85% of imports enter and 65% of exports leave.

The 28 Port Authorities that manage the 46 ports of general interest, keep the machinery greased where operators, terminals, shipping companies, customs representatives (PARTIDA), freight forwarders, warehouse and carriers work, as they say “no matter what”

The port field is strongly linked to a country´s productive economy. The enormous and growing dynamism of Algeciras Port traffics has been reaffirming, as well as its highly competitive position with respect to first-level ports in the international arena.

The globalized world and the competitiveness of logistics chains is a key factor in the competitiveness of foreign trade in any country. And ports are fundamental in them, in addition to being one of the most reliable health thermometers in our economy.

Spain enjoys a prime geostrategic position in goods traffic, combining import-export and transit traffic, placing ports such as Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona in the Top 10 of European ports. Thus, large international operators and shipping companies have a more than outstanding presence and important future plans in our ports, linked to investments in port infrastructure.

More than 12 million tons of fruit and vegetable products pass through Spanish ports. Spain is the leading exporting country in Europe and is also the recipient of fruit imports from third countries such as Brazil, Morocco, Chile, Costa Rica, South Africa, Argentina, Peru, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mexico and Ecuador, among others.

We have first-level importing companies in Spain, competing at the international level in the “ agrolimentation champions league”. And yes, they all pass through our ports, collaborating in the optimization of the logistics chain, creating employment and enhancing market competitiveness.

PARTIDA, with almost 100 years of history and experience, understands the current needs of importers/exporters. Informing the requirements to be met in the different fields (fiscal, documentary, customs and pre-customs), provide them flexibility to operate in different ports and, above all, agility.

PARTIDA´s goal, dispatch merchandise adequately to the current regulations established by Brussels and, assist in logistics needs in order to avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs.

How do we do it?

There are several or many things to keep in mind to get an agile procedure. From the moment a client contacts us, we request relevant information about the logistics, commercial and distribution operations that they intend to carry out. From there, we advise on customs (adopting the correct Incoterm), tax (taking care of duties and VAT payments, if applicable) and on such important aspects as palletizing, labeling and packaging of merchandise.

Once we´ve received the documentation (ideally as soon as possible), we carefully check it out to raise out any anomaly and thus, we have time to modify it. Afterwords, we begin customs procedures and inform the different pre-customs organisms of the arrival of the goods.

Subsequently, we coordinate the reception of these with the shipping companies that can transport both containers and trucks (ferries that operate in the Strait of Gibraltar). Next, we will manage the inspections that may be requested by Customs or pre-customs agencies. And lastly, we release the goods so they can leave the Port.

What is our secret?

Treat the merchandise as if it were ours. We strive to assist the goods to reach its destination as soon as possible in order to be part of our client’s commercial success.

PARTIDA does not skimp on investing in training, technological means and promoting staff satisfaction. Only in this way, we will continue to be a leading organization in customs clearance in southern Europe.