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Logistic management within the port

Once your goods reach the port (either the port of Algeciras or the port of Motril), Partida Logistics handles the coordination of every single detail when it comes to logistics, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Below we highlight some of our most demanded services:

  • Collection and delivery: We manage the transportation of the container along the internal chain of the port: Terminal – Border Inspection Point – Scanner- and Warehouse.
  • Transhipping your goods: It’s our expertise to ensure that the transfer of your goods in lorries or containers is performed with utmost care and compliance with its requirements.
  • Storage: We take care of the storage of your goods in the conditions each type of product requires (e. g. cold, dry, frozen storage), as well as the different sub-processes associated to logistics and storage, such as re-palletising, re-packaging, re-labelling or change of location.

The port of Algeciras has a cold storage capacity of over 30,000 pallets.

In fact, it already has a cold storage capacity of 30,300 pallets, while the terminals have 5,000 connections for refrigerated containers.

It is very important to have a space where to store your goods, specially if they are perishables, in which case it is essential to maintain the cold chain. Our goal is to coordinate and take care of the arrival of your goods to port for its prompt storage, and hence to avoid waiting times resulting in time and money loss.

Quality checks

Quality checks are required between the stages of transfer and storage of your goods. Partida Logistics has the backing of surveyors, who are in charge of performing these quality checks by examining the goods as they reach the port and promptly sending a report to the client.


At Partida we get the means of transport for you from the port to the final destination or vice versa. We have the support of a wide range of broadly experienced and fully trusted carriers.

We can also do for you:

Customs clearance

We are able to operate in any Customs in Spain by having the Centralized Clearance Authorization. We handle customs clearance of goods transported by truck and container, as well as ro-ro cargo, especially on routes with Morocco.


Algeciras and its port are a natural bridge to Africa due to its strategic location and proximity. Thanks to the multiple daily routes that take place in ships, ferries and ro-ro transport between Algeciras and Tanger Med, this logistic duo is crucial for a speedy exchange of goods between the two continents.


Partida Logistics collaborates closely with the main shipping companies operating at the port of Algeciras. These companies have large-scale facilities and infrastructures for the entry and exit of the largest ships in the world, such as those known as “Megaships”, with a capacity to transport up to 23,000 TEUs.

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