Customs and logistics for frozen products

We offer customs and logistic services within the supply chain that are adapted to the needs of suppliers, importers, exporters and distributors.

  • Customs Proceedings – Import, Export and T1
  • National and international land transport
  • Storage – Cold Warehouse
  • Cross-docking operations
  • Coordination of transport by sea with Morocco and container shipping companies
  • Advice on foreign trade – Project management

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The Iberian Peninsula is the second biggest consumer of fish worldwide, after Japan. Fish consumption has rocketed over the last few years in Spain and Portugal, which explains the increasing import of this product.

Imported fish comes from Asian countries (China, Vietnam, India), African countries (Morocco, Mauritania) and Latin American countries (Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica).


It is essential to know the origin of our purchased goods. There are many countries where only a few companies and/or fishing vessels are entitled to trade with the European Union. This is why it is very important to ensure that the certificates of catch and origin are in order before making any payment.

Additionally, an inspection of the goods will be carried out by the sanitary authorities of our country. In case the goods don’t meet the European legal requirements, they will be rejected and returning or destroying them will apply.

Partida Logistics has the equipment and facilities needed for the transport and storage of frozen products

Partida Logistics ensures full coverage of the logistic chain

1. Communication with shipping companies

2. Advice on current regulations (relevant documents, phytosanitary checks, containers, labels, pallets, VAT and tariffs)

3. Collection and delivery (Terminal <-> PIF <-> Warehouse)

4. Customs clearance

5. Technical inspection services (Health, Foreign, Plant Health and Soivre)

6. Temperature-controlled storage

7. Transhipment of goods (Container <-> Lorry)

8. Land transport to destination

9. Quality checks at destination

The port of Algeciras, the most important in the country, has a cold storage capacity of over 30,000 pallets.

In fact, it already has a cold storage capacity of 30,300 pallets, while the terminals have 5,000 connections for refrigerated containers.

Moreover, included in our storage services, we also offer complementary services such as:

  • Re-palletising of goods
  • Re-labelling of goods
  • Re-packaging of goods
  • Transfer and relocation of goods

We are experts on the following subjects:

Fruit and vegetable

Frozen and fresh


Safe transportation
of live animals




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