Customs freight forwarder in the Port of Ceuta

The city of Ceuta is considered for Customs purposes as a THIRD COUNTRY because it is outside the Common Customs Territory of the European Community. It is exempt from VAT and Special Taxes.

The Port of Ceuta is located in the Spanish enclave of North Africa, together with Melilla.

Being outside the Common Customs Territory, all shipments with a commercial nature that enter or leave Ceuta need to be cleared from Customs. Both in the port of origin and destination, even if they come from the rest of the national territory or the European Community.

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Obviously, the same thing happens in the opposite direction, shipments between the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands to Ceuta and Melilla are also considered Imports and Exports.

The exchange of merchandise requires the services of a Customs Representative in Spain. Within the logistics chain, PARTIDA provides the following services in Algeciras for Ceuta:

  • Customs Clearance: Export and Import
  • Processing of truck and container shipment
  • Warehousing and storage in a customs warehouse (ADT).
  • Contact with carriers
  • Contact with shipping companies – Algeciras / Ceuta
  • Advice on current regulations and project development to start import / export activities with Ceuta.
Transitario de aduanas ceuta

The port of Ceuta is one of the main maritime ports in the Mediterranean, it is a leading port in the movement of merchandise traffic, bunkering, liquid bulk, passengers and vehicles from Spain.

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As a customs freight forwarder we can do for you:

Customs and logistics freight forwarder

We have a customs forwarding team of more than 100 people, who work in our offices in Algeciras, at the border inspection point (PIF) and at the Motril Port Delegation, to ensure all the customs and logistical procedures necessary for the import and export of goods through containers and trucks.

Import and export of containers

Algeciras enjoys a wide range of direct maritime routes with weekly frequency to 76 countries and more than 200 ports around the world. The transit times of these routes are the fastest for our clients, since having contacts after so many years of experience we know how to streamline all processes.

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