Tailor-made customs services

Currently, Partida Logistics is considered a pioneering company in the logistic and the customs service delivery nation and worldwide. After almost a century of experience, we have proven experience in the development of customs, tax and legal solutions, which are essential for import and export operations.

We can operate in any Spanish customs office of Spain speedily thanks to being certified as Authorised Economic Operator, which includes a Centralised Clearance Authorisation.

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At Partida we process the customs clearance of goods following import, export and transit schemes. We always meet all the requirements needed for their trading (labelling, palletising, packaging…) and we deal with their review so that everything is aligned with the regulations from the countries involved.

We release all kinds of goods: industrial goods, perishables food such as frozen and fresh, construction materials, renewable energy ,textile, automotive, gas, oil, dangerous goods, live animals, retail, technology and many more.

Partida Logistics is a pioneering Customs Agency and Logistic Operator in Southern Europe

Tailor-made customs services

Together with the administrative side intrinsic to any customs agency, at Partida Logistics we also provide advice on the existing customs and tax regulations for each type of good (i. e. tariffs, VAT, sale prices). This is specially helpful for foreign companies, which may be less accustomed to the European market.

In our extensive experience as customs agents, we have developed professional solutions for our clients in the following areas:

  • Tax representation
  • Customs warehouse
  • Warehouse other than customs warehouse
  • EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number)
  • BTI (Binding Tariff Information)
  • NIF (Spanish tax identification number)
  • Special destination customs scheme
  • Temporary importation scheme
  • Inward processing scheme
  • Outward processing scheme
  • OEA – Authorised Economic Operator

Logistic solutions within the port

Once your goods enter any port, at Partida Logistics we handle their transfer in order to speed up the customs proceedings and avoid any possible delays within the logistic chain. Our main objective is the optimisation of the waiting and exit times of your goods in order to reduce all the costs that delays entail.

We also take care of the communications with the shipping companies on matters of great importance such as collection and delivery, customs inspections, storage (cold and dry), transhipment of goods, quality checks and transfers to destination.

Logistic solutions in import operations

  • Advice on import regulations
  • Communication with shipping companies
  • Quality checks at destination
  • Customs proceedings
  • Advanced customs solutions
  • Temperature-controlled storage

Logistic solutions in export operations

  • Cargo consolidation in temperature-controlled warehouse
  • Communication with shipping companies
  • Customs proceedings
  • Advice for exporters and carriers

Through our office in Algeciras, at PARTIDA we release goods in the ports of Algeciras, Motril, Almería, Huelva, Seville, Valencia, Vigo and Vitoria.


Port of Algeciras

Through the port of Algeciras we can connect with 76 countries and over 200 ports around the world. Thanks to the strategic location of the port of Algeciras, important shipping routes linked with countries in Latin America, South Africa and Asia are accessible.


Tanger Med – Port of Algeciras/Tanger Med – Port of Motril

The proximity to Morocco enables a speedy exchange of goods through ro-ro cargo. The most frequent routes are: Tanger Med – Port of Algeciras/Tanger Med – Port of Motril

We can also do for you:


Algeciras and its port are a natural bridge to Africa due to its strategic location and proximity. Thanks to the multiple daily routes that take place in ships, ferries and ro-ro transport between Algeciras and Tanger Med, this logistic duo is crucial for a speedy exchange of goods between the two continents.


Partida Logistics collaborates closely with the main shipping companies operating at the port of Algeciras. These companies have large-scale facilities and infrastructures for the entry and exit of the largest ships in the world, such as those known as “Megaships”, with a capacity to transport up to 23,000 TEUs.


From the 1st of January 2021, the United Kingdom will no longer be involved in the European Customs Union.

The UK will operate as a sovereign state with an external border. Therefore, controls on the movement of goods between the UK and the EU will be implemented.

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