Exporter/Importer, our recommendations:

  1. Get EORI code
  2. Hire a Customs Representative
  3. Define and know the HS CODEof your product
  4. Determine the value in Customs
  5. Check if the product is subject to any restrictions in the UK
  6. Find out the need to request licenses or certifications, approvals, etc.
  7. Know and define the origin of the product that you sell / buy
  8. Integrate into the company’s cost matrix the forecast of the derivatives of new formalities, requirements, tariffs, origin of the product … which will entail time and administrative burdens
  9. Consider different logistics alternatives

The United Kingdom is a strategic market for Spanish exports, with a consolidated position among the top 5 destination countries for Spanish goods exports. In 2019, Spanish companies sent goods worth 19,666 million euros to this market, which represented 6.8% of Spanish exports. It is the 5th destination for our exports, after France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. In the last year, exports in value increased by 3.6%.

The following table shows the ranking of the top 10 sectors exported to the United Kingdom in 2019.

The United Kingdom is the third destination for Spanish fruit and vegetable exports. Our exports to that market accounted for 12.75% in value and 11.56% by weight of the total exports from Spain in 2019 of these products.

PARTIDA sets up a BREXIT department

We dispatch goods in the ports of Algeciras, Motril, Almería, Seville, Huelva, Irún, Burgos, Vigo and Vitoria.

What can PARTIDA do for you?

  • Advise on customs and tax matters:


◦ Obtaining EORI

◦ Incoterms. See here the most common

◦ Types of sale

◦ REX registration

◦ Health (Soivre) and Phyto customs procedures)

◦ LAME request

◦ Simplified Declaration Request

◦ VAT and / or duty payments


  • Process customs declarations: Export, import, transit (T-1) and T2L
  • Recommend Carriers, UK Customs Agents and logistics partners
  • Communicate Brexit news and regulations


Latest DEPARTURE announcements:


  • REX Exporters Registry
  • Postponement in the implementation of border controls in the United Kingdom.

You are not on your own, contact our team:

Let’s talk to study your operation based on the type of merchandise and casuistry. In line with this, we will inform you of the significant changes within the logistics chain and the necessary documentation to trade with the United Kingdom.


We work from Monday to Sunday, in morning, afternoon and night shifts, 365 days a year.


Send us an email to or call us at +34 856 83 01 49.

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