Authorised Economic Operator certified

At PARTIDA we can verify that Spain has become one of the main countries supplying fruit, vegetables and pulse to Europe. This supply comes from both national and imported products.

At the end of 2019 there was a total traffic of over 12 million tons of fruit and vegetable produce, with a 4% increase compared with the previous year.

Spanish ports are the perfect place for the import and export of fruit and vegetable products, because about 85% of imports and 60% of exports in Spain are carried out through our ports, specially from the port of Algeciras.

In 2019, the port of Algeciras had an 11% increase in fruit and vegetable traffic, reaching over 4.7 million tons, which represent 40% of the fruit and vegetable international movement through Spanish ports.

Partida Logistics, a landmark in customs clearances for the fruit and vegetable industry

E85% of the goods released with our help at PARTIDA consist of fruit and vegetable products through import, export and transit operations. From our office in Algeciras, we take care of the customs proceedings and logistic support required for customs clearances in any port or border inspection point (PIF) in Spain. This is possible thanks to the Centralised Customs Clearance scheme, as one of the results of being certified as Authorised Economic Operator.

The high volumes and the perishable nature of the goods demand a prompt customs management through the coordination and internal communication between our colleagues at the office and at the border inspection point.

To do so, we gather the documentation, handle the customs clearance, coordinate the inspections and the required logistic support, and manage the exit of the goods when the proceedings have been completed and the approval from the Customs Office has been received.

Depending on their origin/destination, these goods are transported in lorries or containers. The most common origins are Morocco, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa and Senegal, among others.

As for the destinations, Morocco, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, China, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are the most visited ones.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and Compliance.


Being certified as an Authorised Economic Operator is vital in the current international trade scene.

As an Authorised Economic Operator, at PARTIDA we and our customs-related services are considered reliable and trustworthy by the European Union.

Which advantages do our clients have?

We offer them a easier, simpler and more direct access to the customs administration.

  • Also fewer physical and documentary checks: there is a reduction of customs clearances in the red channels (physical checks) and orange channels (documentary checks).
  • Priority in physical and documentary checks: they run smoothly when under control.
  • National Centralised Clearance: we release goods entering through any port, processing all the documentary actions at a different customs office.
  • Eligibility for simplified customs proceedings: thanks to the AEO certification, our clients can benefit from certain simplified customs proceedings, which provide significant advantages to the parties involved (specially to importing and exporting companies).

At PARTIDA we ensure our AEO certificate is fully operative and up-to-date through our AEO department.

This monitoring and updating process takes into consideration the good work of our workforce and our different operational and administrative departments, that is, the whole team at PARTIDA.

This process involves training, content development and ongoing guidance activities in order to ensure our compliance with the requirements checked by the AEAT (Spanish National Agency for Tax Administration).

Some of the most common actions are:

  • Assessing and updating customs proceedings
  • Checking the security system of data and facilities
  • Assessing internally our requirements as AEO and communicating changes to the customs office



PARTIDA becomes the first Customs Representative in Spain to obtain the Compliance Certificate

Senior management staff in PARTIDA, firmly committed to the prevention of crime, has promoted and provided the resources needed for an effective design and implementation of a Crime Prevention and Detection Management System, in accordance with UNE 19601.

With this management system there is a zero tolerance of irregular and illegal actions within our scope, and a promotion of transparency, communication and collaboration with customs administrations, inspections, port and law enforcement bodies.

From our legal department we point out that in order to implement this system, it is necessary to instill a Compliance culture among our staff by examining our working methods on an ongoing basis. This minimises the risk of committing crimes and provides us with efficient communication channels to quickly activate the Criminal Compliance Protocol if there is any suspicion.

Compatibility with AEO.
Compliance and AEO are fully compatible in a unique system where they are integrated, which positions us as a reliable and trustworthy organisation from the customs administrations’ perspective and, most importantly, for our clients and suppliers and the government bodies.

"This unique system where AEO and Compliance are integrated positions us as a reliable and
trustworthy organisation from the customs administrations' perspective and, most importantly, for our clients and suppliers and the government bodies."

We can also do for you:

Customs clearance

We are entitled to operate in any Customs Office in Spain through our Centralised Clearance Authorisation. We handle customs clearance of goods transported by lorries and containers, as well as ro-ro cargo specially for routes to and from Morocco.

Logistic coordination

In addition to coordinating the transfer and transhipment of goods, we also deal with the storage of both perishable and non-perishable goods. We provide the Quality Control/Quality Report service.

Advice and training

We help you develop a complete logistic project for your business through our team of experts on all the regulations on customs, health and tax matters. We also process NIF (Spanish tax identification number) registration requests for non-resident companies.

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