Customs Training and Foreign Trade Advice

The Customs Representative plays an essential part in the carrying out of commercial transactions at a global level, since their main task is to facilitate the import and export of goods subject to customs inspections, and to apply trade policy measures.

The Customs Representative, aka Customs Agent, must have a deep knowledge of the customs regulations, and s/he must follow the updates and changes of the European administrative laws and regulations. S/he must be able to assess the correct classification and taxable value, and must be aware of the goods subject to import/export quotas, restrictions and customs checks according to the regulations from the country of origin and the European and international agreements.

We have the vital task of steadily promoting efficient and prompt proceedings when it comes to the logistic internal organisation. One of our main duties is to advice the client on the relevant proceedings in order to reach optimal coordination, minimise any room for error and avoid unneeded incidents/delays.

The Department of Projects at Partida Logistics

Through this department, PARTIDA offers customs training and advice on foreign trade to importers, exporters and carriers, in order to guide them about the required proceedings depending on the characteristics of the operations. What our department of projects offers


  • Customs operational arrangements
  • VAT/tariffs calculation
  • Incoterms
  • Tariff classification
  • Brexit – Import/Export between the UK and Europe
  • Sale types
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Regulations
  • Documentary requirements in origin and destination
  • Packaging, containers, labelling and pallets

Professional advice

  • AEO Certificate
  • Temporary storage facility (ADT)
  • Tax requirements and import/export authorisations
  • Customs requirements to get started
  • Processing NIFs (Spanish tax identification numbers) for non-resident companies
  • Processing EORIs (Economic Operators Registration and Identification numbers)
  • Tax Representation (Foreign Companies)
  • Temporary importation scheme
  • Inward/outward processing scheme

We request a meeting with our Project Director, to study its operations, inform about the current regulation, necessary documentation and customs procedures to be carried out online with the country that you want to import or export.

We help you import or export your goods

Do you want to import or export goods?

What differentiates Partida Logistics from other companies in the sector in the Port of Algeciras and Motril, is the advice and implementation of projects for foreign trade for all types of companies, whether local or foreign.

This service is perfect for those entrepreneurs or companies that want to export or import their products, whatever their type, so that they can later be marketed in Spain.

We have a department specialized in this type of project that will guide you in essential issues for the import and export of merchandise through the use of maritime transport, such as tax advice, customs, logistics and even commercial advice.

We have a multidisciplinary team to guide your project towards success

In addition to legal and accounting issues, we offer advice and information on commercial issues such as the labeling, packaging and palletizing requirements of each country, as well as the VAT and tariff payment regulations required for the import and export of any merchandise.

We expose the different sanitary and phytosanitary regulations and quality controls that merchandise must pass, depending on the nature, origin and characteristics of the product.

It is very important to correctly follow the guidelines set by each government, since any error can cause the interruption of the transport flow of the merchandise.

For all these questions, we have a team of experienced professionals in legal, accounting and tax matters who do their work responsibly and with the essential knowledge to carry out these types of projects free of errors for their perfect start-up and operation.

We help foreign companies to market their products in Spain

In case of being a foreign company that wants to market its products in Spanish territory, PARTIDA is in charge of facilitating all the pertinent procedures to establish itself as a non-resident Spanish company, and with this, being able to carry out import activities and sell is not only Spain, but that also be able to market in the rest of Europe.

"Our mission is to take part in the commercial success of our clients."

We can also do for you:

Customs clearance

We are entitled to operate in any Customs Office in Spain through our Centralised Clearance Authorisation. We handle customs clearance of goods transported by lorries and containers, as well as ro-ro cargo specially for routes to and from Morocco.

Logistic coordination

In addition to coordinating the transfer and transhipment of goods, we also deal with the storage of both perishable and non-perishable goods. We provide the Quality Control/Quality Report service.

Spain, Morocco and Ceuta

Our team of experts on the current regulations between Morocco and Spain results in more agile customs operations and logistic support between both continents.

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